Fiserv migrates credit union clients to new account processing system

Source: Fiserv

Fiserv (NASDAQ: FISV), the leading global provider of financial services technology solutions, and the largest provider of business-driven technology solutions for credit unions, today announced it has completed the migration of its credit union clients to the next generation XP2 account processing system.

The most recent signing of several clients to XP2 marks the completion of the process, with nearly 10 percent of credit unions with assets above $500 million now using XP2, including those formerly leveraging the FOCUS XP system.

"The completion of our clients' migration to XP2 represents a major milestone for Fiserv and the credit unions that rely on our technology solutions," said Naseer Nasim, segment executive for the XP2 solution from Fiserv. "The open, intuitive, robust XP2 account processing solution leverages advanced technology to deliver a full range of capabilities that credit unions need to build and maintain strong, profitable member relationships. With all of our former Focus XP clients on the XP2 solution, we will be able to devote even more of our considerable resources to the system's continual enhancement."

The industry-leading functionality of XP2 and its success with credit unions is an example of the Fiserv core competency in processing services. The evolution of XP2 was guided by extensive, hands-on involvement from Fiserv credit union clients, with participation at every stage of development - from concept design through functional specifications and testing - and from all levels of credit union staff and management including chief executive officers.

Based on a .NET development framework and open, pervasive standards, XP2 provides credit unions with intuitive navigation, easy integration to other Fiserv and third-party solutions, high availability and a low total cost of ownership. The system leverages the power of an IBM DB2 relational database to provide easy access to data - simplifying the use of complementary third-party solutions and facilitating effective business intelligence across the enterprise.

"The openness of the XP2 database is a tremendous business advantage, because it allows us to acquire the information we need to create opportunities to increase market share and expand wallet share with our members," said Larry Biernacki, chief executive officer of the $730 million Arkansas Federal Credit Union, an XP2 early adopter. Biernacki emphasized that the credit union values the Fiserv approach of encouraging its clients to participate as partners in deciding which features and functionalities to include in the system, an opportunity that Arkansas Federal leveraged as an active participant in the development of XP2. "As we embrace new ways to improve our members' financial lives, we expect to put XP2 features to even greater use, especially in areas like cross-selling at the individual member level," he said.

The solution includes built-in contact management capabilities to strengthen member relationships, a flexible tool for configuring products to individual member needs, browser-based loan origination and automated decisioning, and integrated cross-selling. An optional ComCore solution provides advanced and time-saving features needed to serve business member accounts, including account analysis, account sweeps, commercial loan servicing and maintenance, and flexible reporting.

"With the new verification of deposit, a process that took five minutes to input manually now takes just seconds to point, click and print," said Michele Lipka, senior training coordinator, Community Trust Credit Union.

The system's newest version, Release 15, represents the largest release in scope since XP2 was launched. The recently launched Release 15 offers features such as streamlined account creation, automated verification of deposit, teller capture, automated loan rewards, and a member loyalty capability that automates the maintenance of marketing promotions. To date, 66 credit unions are live with Release 15 and 55 more are signed on to install soon.

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