Oman ePurse system goes live

Source: Nets

Singapore's leading electronic payments provider, Nets, today said that the national ePurse solution it jointly developed with digital security leader Gemalto for the Omani government has gone "live".

The main aim of the ePurse solution is to allow both citizens and residents to store and load money in their National Identity and Resident Cards issued by the Royal Oman Police and use them as a mode of payment besides credit and debit cards. This not only helps government departments to collect payment for their services but also allows citizens and residents, who do not carry a debit or credit card, to transact electronically.

Now that the project has gone "live", it becomes mandatory for citizens and residents to use the cards to pay for transactions such as fees with the Royal Oman Police. This solution will be rolled out progressively into 2010 with all banks in Oman participating in the ePurse initiative. At the same time, government agencies and retailers will be able to collect payment via the card.

Chairman of Astute and CEO of NETS, Poh Mui Hoon said: "The Omani government and Gemalto were looking for a partner who was able to offer payment expertise that is trusted, secure and reliable. I'm glad NETS had the chance to partner them. This launch is the fruition of the hard work all parties had put into the project, and NETS is very pleased to have reached this milestone with our Middle Eastern partners. We will be working together to explore other services which we can enhance or develop for the Omani government."

Gemalto's Vice President for Government Programs in Middle East, Pierre Servettaz, said: "This project was actively steered and implemented by BankMuscat, which acts as an issuer of the ePurse. Going forward, the Information Technology Authority will host the ePurse system in-house and proliferate the application to all the banks in Oman."


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