Sterci releases data management application

Source: Sterci

Sterci, the Geneva based software provider of STP solutions, today announced that its new product KEYdata is now available, for financial data flow management.

If we consider the data as being the fuel of the STP, the quality of the data must be a top priority to improve operational efficiency of financial transaction processing from front-to-back.

KEYdata is a multi-sources market data application that facilitates the access to the data from business applications. KEYdata can build a cross-referenced financial data repository using various data feeds from vendors like Telekurs Financial,Reuters Datascope, Bloomberg, FT Interactive Data, and FININFO.

Implementing KEYdata can bring immediate benefits for:corporate actions processing;pricing evaluations;data quality and consistency;risk analysis;and European saving taxes compliance.

KEYdata is a suite of product including KEYdata Integrator for easy access to market data flow and KEYdata Repository to build a cross-reference instrument high quality data base.

KEYdata integrates perfectly well the Sterci suite of solutions for STP:
  • with Stelink to access to market data via SWIFTNet fileAct
  • with Stematch for Corporate Actions reconciliation with SWIFT
  • with Steform to facilitate the interface with backend applications

KEYdata is already used by several private banks in Switzerland and in Belgium.

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