Viewpointe extends IBM services agreement

Source: Viewpointe

IBM and Viewpointe, a leading provider of archive, check image exchange and settlement services, today announced the signing of a five-year services contract extension.

As part of the agreement, IBM will now manage greater portions of Viewpointe's Level II support, application management services and related project management functions. Viewpointe will retain responsibility for overseeing these areas including the development efforts in partnership with IBM.

The amended agreement extends the term of the current agreement and supports Viewpointe's near- and long-term objectives to increase resource flexibility while closely managing costs and service levels.

"The needs of Viewpointe's customer base are evolving rapidly. This agreement allows us to be dynamic in meeting market demands and focused on those elements that are core to our business," said Lou Buglioli, Viewpointe chairman and CEO. "This contract extension speaks volumes about the strength and uniqueness of our relationship with IBM, and it is truly a vote of confidence in each other's organizations."

In terms of the agreement, signed June 30, 2009, IBM will provide IT infrastructure operations, project management and application development and maintenance services. IBM supports Viewpointe from four delivery centers around the country.

"Viewpointe's commitment to its customers continues to drive its focus on advanced technologies and industry-leading services," said Philip Hausler, IBM Global Technology Services, vice president for the Banking Industry. "We are proud of what we've accomplished with Viewpointe over the past eight years and are pleased to continue working with Viewpointe as it focuses on its strategic vision. IBM's years of IT outsourcing experience with clients in financial markets and other industries will further Viewpointe's delivery of quality services in various markets."

This agreement helps enable Viewpointe to preserve the performance of its infrastructure throughout the term of the contract.

"Viewpointe is balancing our growth ambitions with our dedication to providing superior customer service and performance at a competitive price," added Diane Scott, president, Viewpointe Emerging Business. "We have worked hard to build a national, trusted archive and a robust exchange and settlement network. This agreement allows us to continue investing in those businesses for the benefit of our customers while creating the agility we need to achieve our long-term strategic objectives."

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