Volkswagen in ATM ad campaign

Source: Volkswagen

Volkswagen, (VW), the automobile manufacturer, is to promote its efficiency campaign over atmAd cash machines across the UK.

The campaign, which was planned by Mediacom, went live on July 13 for four weeks, and will show dynamic digital ads and a dynamically printed take away message on receipts at selected petrol stations across the country.

Volkswagen's efficiency campaign is designed to help customers save fuel and cut emissions. The ATM advertisements are part of a wider, integrated advertising campaign, which also includes press, online and a variety of outdoor formats. The atmAd campaign is expected to reach some 3 million drivers across 562 petrol stations during the period.

"We needed a medium that could reach drivers on a one-to-one basis on a national level," said Lisa Humphreys, Media Manager, Mediacom.

"By promoting Volkswagen's efficiency campaign at cash machines located at petrol stations, we can ensure the message reaches consumers when saving money and fuel are at front of mind" she added.

"With atmAd, Volkswagen is able to reach its target audience with a relevant and timely message which will deliver genuine ROI. This innovative and proven medium ensures that the target audience receives the message when they are in a money saving frame of mind, and with maximum impact" said Ana Stewart, CEO of i-design owned atmAd.

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