Prytania Investment Advisors appoints CMA for CDS pricing

Source: CMA

CMA, the credit information specialist, today announced that Prytania Investment Advisors (PIA), a London-based asset manager and risk advisory firm, has appointed CMA to provide independent pricing, risk metrics and group curves via DataVision for single-name CDS and indices.

Mark Hale, Chief Investment Officer at PIA, said "We looked at a number of pricing vendors to support activities in our risk advisory practise, but we were particularly impressed with the accuracy of CMA's data and the additional risk metrics they provide. Working with DataVision gives us the transparency we need to effectively analyse trends and identify risks in the credit markets."

CMA DataVision is a high quality, same day, consensus based price verification data service for CDS, Indices and Tranches, used primarily for mark-to-market, flash P&L, risk management, research and analytics. It is sourced from over 30 buy-side firms including leading Hedge Funds, Asset Managers and the buy-side desks of global Investment Banks.

Laurent Paulhac, CMA's CEO, commented "Interest in DataVision's unique buy-side pricing methodology focused on objectivity, independence and accuracy remains high as it gives risk departments a reliable and transparent source for CDS price verification. Prytania is one of many firms who turned to CMA to enhance their risk management processes and we are delighted that they have endorsed DataVision from the various options available in the marketplace."


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