Argentinian ATM network Banelco licenses Paragon testing software

Source: Paragon Application Systems

Banelco, a leading ATM network in Argentina, recently licensed software from Paragon Application Systems to simulate and test their ATMs and interfaces with their member organizations.

Banelco licensed Paragon's ATMulator for Diebold and NCR simulation, configuration and testing and FASTest for quality assurance and regression testing.

To ensure the accuracy of their ATM processing and adapt to ongoing mandates and release changes, Banelco needed comprehensive testing solutions. After a thorough evaluation, Banelco chose Paragon solutions based on the proven performance of the products and the local support from Dynamic in Argentina.

"Instead of conducting all of our testing directly with member organizations, we use FASTest to simulate and test these interfaces which has significantly reduced our testing time" says Verónica González, the QA Chief at Banelco. "The QA team uses Paragon software to execute their test plans and the developers are starting to use the products for their technical tests."

"FASTest was especially useful in testing our BASE24 host payment system during a change of release project," says González. "We were able to import messages (audits) from BASE24, validate data in the messages or overwrite data for negative testing, have flexibility in the execution of transactions, and conduct complete regression testing."

"Using Paragon solutions, Banelco has increased their productivity and streamlined their testing efforts," says Daniel Ares, President of Dynamic, Paragon Application Systems' reseller in Argentina. "Banelco is able to focus all of their efforts on addressing host application issues instead of wasting resources on in-house development of testing solutions. They have been pleased with the depth of the products and the efficiency gains from having the software available on their PCs."

"As a software vendor it is always very rewarding to see an organization realize immediate value from your products," says Jim Perry, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Paragon Application Systems. "In this case Banelco took all the right steps to fully maximize the ithe investment they made in the Paragon products and in a very short period of time they were able to make improvements in their processes to provide world-class solutions to their members. Banelco has been an excellent organization to work with and we look forward to serving Banelco for many years."

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