Paysafecard partners UATP on online cash payments for air travel

Source: paysafecard

Universal Air Travel Plan, (UATP) today announced a strategic partnership with paysafecard group to offer Cash-Ticket, a prepaid voucher that consumers may use to purchase flights online.

The partnership enables airlines to integrate Cash-Ticket by utilizing existing airline UATP connections for processing Cash-Ticket transactions.

"We are delighted to start the partnership with UATP. Airlines working with UATP will now benefit from being able to accept real online cash payments from a new group of customers," says Michael Mueller, CEO of paysafecard group. "Our experience with airline-partners show that implementing an alternative online cash-payment method, such as Cash-Ticket, enables web-shops to reach new target groups, that haven't paid online before and will therefore cause an increase of new paying customers - it's true incremental business."

The Cash-Ticket voucher can be purchased at numerous outlets in Europe and provides a 16 digit pin code which can be used online quickly and securely. Users can keep track of their balance and transactions online. The vouchers are available in denominations of €10, €20, €50, €100 and €150. Up to ten vouchers can be used at once for larger payments. Buying a Cash-Ticket incurs a one-off activation fee of €2 for the consumer, regardless of how much credit is purchased; there are no hidden costs or extra charges.

"Consumers continue to look for greater convenience and security for online purchases," said Ralph Kaiser, president and CEO of UATP. "There is a steady trend toward debit-based payments and cash transactions; Cash-Ticket is perfectly poised to capture this growing trend. The partnership allows speed-to-market for Cash-Ticket through existing UATP connections and offers the airlines lower distribution costs - everyone wins."


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