ADG Holdings live with ITRS Geneos

Source: ITRS Group

ITRS Group plc is pleased to announce that ADG Holdings LLP (ADG) has gone live with ITRS Geneos.

ITRS is the leading global provider of real-time predictive operational systems management products to the world's financial community.

London-based ADG is a rapidly growing proprietary trading, market-making and brokerage house with an increasing number of client portfolios. The continued expansion of the company was placing additional requirements on operations and technical support staff to manage all the systems and platforms, resulting in increasing pressure on the IT department. Greg Smart, head of Operations and Technology at ADG, had the almost impossible task of keeping up with the technology requests from his traders while ensuring the smooth operation and availability of all critical applications.

Says Greg: "I had trouble finding a management system capable of covering all the bases until I looked at ITRS Geneos. We are a fast growing company and use a mix of systems: Solaris, Windows, Unix and Linux among others, and I needed something that would help me manage them. Most [monitoring] systems on the market are restricted whereas ITRS's specialisation in financial markets means that they understand our business needs. Not only do they allow me to manage all ADG's systems, they also provide me with all the specialist add-ons that I need. Because we can now monitor everything from one place I get a heads up when there's a problem, so we have more time to fix things before they escalate."

One of the important things for Greg is the ITRS Geneos unified interface which allows him and his staff to monitor all the systems and applications in real-time, something that was becoming increasingly difficult to manage previously. The traders at ADG derive a lot of reassurance from being able to see the ITRS Geneos dashboard. It is displayed on a large screen strategically positioned within the trading environment, so they can now see at a glance a clear graphical representation of the performance and resilience of their critical real-time systems.

Greg adds: "I am now able to concentrate on longer-term projects and the needs of the business rather than spending so much time manually monitoring real-time systems. It's a highly scaleable product so I know that it'll work for us as we grow. ITRS support is excellent and the staff are always very helpful, making themselves available whenever I need their expertise or advice."

ADG now has proactive monitoring of all systems. The installation took only two days and within just a week the IT team at ADG went live with Geneos, benefiting from full real-time visibility of their trading environment and proactive monitoring and management. With a recent move to larger offices and additional members joining the ADG support team ITRS Geneos has been a vital tool in enabling a smoother transition by automating many of the checks that would have otherwise been manual. The information that is gathered through ITRS Geneos such as exchange connectivity, network reliability and system performance gives the support team a holistic picture of their environment and allows them to easily drill down to the underlying data, when required, for compliance, risk management, audit, etc.

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