Nyse Technologies upgrades market data platform

Source: Nyse Technologies

Nyse Technologies, the innovative commercial technology unit of Nyse Euronext, today announced the launch of its next generation market data infrastructure, Nyse Technologies' Market Data Platform V5.

This revolutionary ticker plant technology is designed specifically for high-volume and latency sensitive markets, delivering data in microseconds rather than milliseconds. It offers 10 times the overall performance of previous generation market data platforms while allowing customers to reduce their hardware footprint by as much as 80%.[1]

The accelerated Market Data Platform V5 has been carefully engineered to deliver extremely high throughput and low latency market data delivery, providing significant value for co-location solutions, high frequency trading and enterprise ticker plant deployments. It is built on NYSE Technologies' Data Fabric middleware, a proven technology that drives the most advanced ultra-low latency infrastructure in the marketplace.

"NYSE Technologies' Market Data Platform V5 is game-changing. It represents a quantum leap forward in nearly every aspect of market data distribution," said Stanley Young, CEO, NYSE Technologies and co-global CIO, NYSE Euronext. "Through this accelerated new system we offer microsecond message processing at peak rates and single-server application, enabling our clients to benefit from a significant reduction in hardware investment and operation costs. When multiplied across high-availability and disaster recovery sites, the cost savings can be exponential. We are very excited to demonstrate the astonishing potential of this integrated platform to our customers, particularly in tandem with the complete NYSE Technologies market data product suite."

NYSE Technologies' performance benchmarks, certified by Intel Fastlab, confirm that Market Data Platform V5 offers continuous throughput of 500,000 messages per second on a single CPU core, with a mean latency of less than 40 microseconds over Remote Direct Memory Access (RDMA) and an ultra-low latency range of 10-20 microseconds over Local Direct Memory Access (LDMA) - ideal for co-location servers.

Stephen S. Pawlowski, Intel Senior FFellow, Digital Enterprise Group Chief Technology Officer, Digital Enterprise Group and General Manager, Architecture and Planning said, "NYSE Technologies' Market Data Platform V5 with Data Fabric takes advantage of Intel Xeon processor 5500 series-based servers with Intel Quick Path Interconnect. The scalability and low latency of Market Data Platform V5 combined with the performance of the Intel Xeon processor further increases its capabilities as a market data platform. Together, Market Data Platform V5 dramatically reduces the server footprint in the data center to create a cost effective solution on industry standard hardware."

NYSE Technologies' Market Data Platform V5 supports a wide range of integration options, (including LDMA, RDMA, TCP ) and is vendor neutral allowing deployment on any hardware platform that supports Linux. This flexibility ensures that this accelerated platform can be incorporated easily into virtually any environment. It can run on existing or new hardware and it can interoperate with legacy infrastructure. Market Data Platform V5 is designed to scale with ease from a single server installation, where the feed handlers, Market Access Gateways (MAGs) and client applications run on the same machine, up to larger distributed enterprise ticker plants with sophisticated message distribution requirements.

Designed to have the lowest total cost of ownership possible, Market Data Platform V5 combines cost effectiveness with the unparalleled speed and processing power that has made NYSE Technologies the market data technology vendor of choice for the top 10 global financial institutions. The platform supports all high-volume US markets and is currently being rolled out to other latency-sensitive markets in the US and Europe

Market Data Platform V5 is cross-compatible with NYSE Technologies' market-leading Feed Handler Suite which offers more than 160 feed handlers for extensive global market coverage. Firms interested in reducing the hardware footprint of this global ticker plant solution can pair the platform with the Data Fabric middleware.

[1] Hardware utilization measurement based upon independent tests. Results may vary. NYSE Technologies does not guarantee any savings or level of performance.

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