Empirix launches call centre testing service

Source: Empirix

Empirix, the market leader of service quality assurance solutions for new IP communications, today announced the immediate availability of Empirix Testing as a Service, a combination of best-in-breed Empirix products and professional services that are tailored to meet an organization's unique needs.

With Empirix Testing as a Service, even the largest contact centers can validate the quality of the user experience and overall performance to deliver the most business value in the least amount of time.

Empirix Testing as a Service is a custom, end-to-end solution that tests an entire contact center infrastructure at full call capacity for any size environment. With unlimited TDM and IP call capacity, this completely customizable solution delivers the highest quality testing and uniquely measures the quality of experience between customers and agents.

Combining Empirix's best-in-breed Hammer technology with the company's unparalleled contact center testing expertise, Empirix Testing as a Service can be tailored to solve a variety of business problems facing today's contact centers, including compliance to industry-specific performance regulations, successfully migrating to IP and mitigating the risk of deploying multi-vendor infrastructures.

"In today's economic climate, customer retention is critical and therefore businesses need to ensure that their contact centers are delivering the highest level of customer service possible," said Daniel Hong, lead analyst of Datamonitor's Customer Interaction Technologies team. "Empirix Testing as a Service is an economically palatable on-demand solution that identifies potential issues before they can negatively impact the customer experience - and as a result helps protect revenue."

Empirix Testing as a Service draws on more than a decade of testing expertise from Empirix, the world leader in contact center testing and quality assurance. It addresses an organization's unique needs, helping organizations reduce capital expenditures for testing and focus on delivering the highest ROI from its contact center. For companies with thousands of concurrent calls driven over IP and PSTN, Empirix Testing as a Service tests the full call capacity, including testing the agent desktop for CTI perfoormance and call quality. Call loads can be delivered either directly to the contact center through the PSTN or on-premise with Hammer call generators.

Contact centers need to test all facets of their infrastructure simultaneously in order to simulate real world conditions. Empirix Testing as a Service provides test solutions that address the entire infrastructure-carrier, ACD, IVR, CTI and CRM-and verify call voice quality. By exercising the entire contact center infrastructure during pre-deployment, Empirix Testing as a Service assures the highest contact center quality when an upgrade goes live.

To monitor testing, Empirix Testing as a Service provides a secure, real-time results viewer so that everyone in the organization's implementation team-wherever they are located-can see the call control data, media statistics and other test results as the test is executing. With this detailed data, Empirix Testing as a Service also helps organizations address regulations for contact center performance and data security in industries such as finance, insurance, travel and utilities.

"We believe that Empirix Testing as a Service addresses the most urgent needs of contact centers today. It provides a flexible, cost effective solution to ensure a high quality of experience for both their customers and agents," said Tim Moynihan, vice president of marketing, contact center solutions at Empirix. "A lower cost of ownership and the ability to maintain high customer satisfaction levels are essential to succeeding in a challenging economy."

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