Aqumin revamps market interpretation software

Source: Aqumin

Aqumin, a new financial services software company, today released its latest version of AlphaVision for immediate download to existing and new customers. AlphaVision 1.5 and its global equity module are available on a monthly subscription basis.

Aqumin's technology platform provides seamless integration of large data streams covering issues from all over the world into an interactive 3D visual and computational environment. Customers benefit from using all of their data. AlphaVision 1.5 can be downloaded easily and runs on a PC with a graphics card. Aqumin uses premier data providers such as Thomson Reuters and DDF (Barchart) to power its multi-dimensional opportunity search platform for wide-ranging and rapid analysis of securities markets. Performance is lightning fast and users can see everything and miss nothing.

"We are very pleased to be demonstrating our latest version of AlphaVisionTM at the SIFMA Technology Management Conference this week. Our latest version has been greatly enhanced with the addition of Equity derivatives data and related information. Our new version is easier, faster and more powerful to use than ever. We believe AlphaVisionTM 1.5 will give an edge to those financial professionals and individuals who are looking for opportunities hiding in their data. AlphaVision reveals those opportunities, and at much lower cost," said Michael Zeitlin, CEO, Aqumin

"I have been using AlphaVisionTM as a tool to look for trends and opportunities in the market outside of the stocks I currently trade. The graphical interface allows me to easily see what issues stand out based on the criteria I'm looking at. The newest version of AlphaVision makes it even easier to choose what subset of issues I want to analyze. I am able to save and switch between sorting and filtering settings so I can quickly run the same analysis on the issues I currently trade or the entire universe of exchange traded issues to help me spot new opportunities. The graphical interface has been greatly improved, making it even more user friendly and intuitive by moving some of the most commonly used tools to the main window so they are only a click away," said Bartev Vartanian, Cutler Group.

"AlphaVision 1.5 further enhances our ability to deliver diverse datasets seamlessly to our users and to present that data interactively, all-at-once. We have significantly enhanced the visual quality of our securities landscapes and have made great strides in improving the flexibility and ease-of-use within the software. With features such as improved Quick Views and the new Landscape Wizard, we have made getting inside the market as easy as pushing a button. With new unique equity derivatives data from Hanweck & Associates, traders can now identify Tradable Events across the entire market in seconds," said Sean Spicer, CTO, Aqumin

AlphaVision 1.5 is available for download at for a 15-day trial period at no cost. After the trial period customers may subscribe to the service at a low cost monthly rate.

Existing subscribers may download the latest version without charge and begin experiencing the new benefits and improvements immediately.

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