Tervela updates messaging platform

Source: Tervela

Tervela, the leading provider of open, intelligent, hardware-accelerated messaging systems, today announced the introduction of its Tervela TMX-500 Message Switch.

This new platform seamlessly extends Tervela's product line while bringing a next-generation messaging architecture to a much broader enterprise and financial services audience with more functionality than ever before.

Like other members of the Tervela TMX product line, the TMX-500 can readily support a workgroup or be combined into a seamless, unified message network cluster that delivers unparalleled performance, resiliency and scale. The TMX-500 supports Tervela's Open Data FrameworkTM to ensure compatibility with existing applications and de facto standards such as JMS, as well as future solutions and emerging protocols like AMQP.

"Despite the global financial crisis, the fundamental drivers for the adoption of low latency, namely the fragmentation of liquidity across multiple venues and the inexorable advance of black box trading, continue to exist," said Rik Turner, a senior analyst of financial services technology at Datamonitor. "Tervela took the lead in using hardware acceleration for the messaging layer, an approach that has since been validated by other vendors. It is, of course, fundamental that the hardware be backwards compatible with legacy systems and open enough to enable new technologies and standards, while pricing and energy efficiency are also key considerations when building a third generation data center."

Highlights of the Tervela TMX-500 Message Switch include -

Data Center Efficiency

A smaller 2U form factor, ultra low power consumption, variable cooling rates, and increased port density allow for much higher messages per watt than any existing platform.

Deployment Flexibility and Ease
Modular configurations of up to 16 ports of 1 Gigabit Ethernet or 4 ports of 10 Gigabit Ethernet per platform that linearly and seamlessly scale to much higher densities ensure efficient business growth without infrastructure pain.

Tervela's Hallmark Perforormance
Scalable performance from 4 million to 64 million messages per second, coupled with a consistent sub 10 microsecond platform latency, are driven by Tervela's new ASICs, FPGAs and processors.

Future Assurance
An open architecture is critical for supporting legacy applications, future capabilities and evolving standards while eliminating the need for a data center upgrade.

"As pioneers in the hardware-accelerated messaging industry, we have a deep understanding of the requirements of the marketplace," said J. Barry Thompson, CEO of Tervela. "Customers have already placed orders for 20 TMX-500s. Given this backlog, I'd have to say we're giving customers precisely what they want in a third-generation architecture - a platform that helps them solve today's enterprise and financial messaging problems and gives them business confidence for tomorrow."

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