ConvergEx upgrades Eze OMS

Source: ConvergEx

ConvergEx, a premier provider of investment technology solutions and global agency brokerage services, today announced the launch of a new version of its award-winning order management system (OMS), the Eze OMS(TM).

With this release, ConvergEx introduces numerous enhancements to its offering, including architectural improvements for increased flexibility, scalability, speed and new functionality across all four components of the system: Portfolio Management, Compliance, Trading and Operations.

This release also pushes forward on several key product strategies, including a significant expansion of EMS functionality, improvements in asset class coverage and enhancements to regulatory compliance and risk capabilities. New features include:

  • Enhanced and streamlined workflows for Algo and DMA trading through the EMS blotter allow new orders and modifications to hit the market instantly, such as the ability to change limits on multiple orders using absolute price or an offset of the current price. Improved hot buttons also automatically generate an order on the blotter.
  • A build-your-own workroom framework allows users to tailor the environment to their unique needs. User can collapse and create views on any data element in the system. One example includes the ability to create portfolio manager analytics dashboards to see multiple views of positions in a single workroom. I.e., positions can be rolled up by strategy, riskiest positions by liquidity and by best and worst performing positions.
  • Expanded asset class coverage in our Advanced Trading Framework now supports algorithms for not only equities, but also options, futures and FX.
  • Enhanced third-party interfaces improve the transmission of OTC derivatives data, including novations and terminations.
  • Redesigned .NET P&L and exposure tool enables users to create unlimited customized analytics views, generate orders from analytics views, view historical performance data, customize calculations and monitor counterparty exposure.
  • Redesigned short locate functionality allows users to send and receive stock loan requests directly from the order entry ticket, view and manage borrowed securities, locate requests and manage compliance on borrowed securities and locates.
  • Redesigned .NET Compliance module offers single-screen alert and rule management, benchmark management, beneficial ownership workflows and flexible scheduling for post-trade portfolio and trade compliance.

"This marks another significant milestone in the evolution of our technology and execution of our strategic product roadmap," said Tom Gavin, chief executive officer of ConvergEx's Eze Castle Software. "Since the launch of our service-component architecture, we've been able to make dramatic improvements in both architecture and functionality at a rapid rate. With this release, we further expanded the depth and speed of our EMS functionality while adding new features throughout the product."

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