Orc upgrades CameronFIX

Source: Orc Software

Orc Software (SSE: ORC), the leading global provider of technology for advanced trading and connectivity solutions, announces the release of Orc CameronFIX 6.4 which includes specific work in improving performance metrics and insight.

Orc CameronFIX 6.4 is the result of continuing work to provide clients with an array of specific tools to improve the performance of Orc CameronFIX in their unique deployments. Orc CameronFIX 6.4 delivers the following features in its performance tuning toolbox:

  • Faster Processing: Users can now enable a new thread model which can dramatically decrease the latency observed for each message;
  • Accurate Performance Investigation: Users can more effectively investigate the major contributors to overall latency thanks to granular message timestamping.
  • Performance management for the "Real World": Thanks to flexible message representations, best practices guidelines and configurable core optimizations, users of Orc CameronFIX are now best equipped to address the specific performance issues of operational environments, from garbage collection spikes to optimized code-writing. More, they can even leverage the capabilities of their trading environment to further improve their performance.

Daniel Burgin, CEO of Metabit, comments, "We have been very impressed by the performance of Orc CameronFIX 6.4. In our testing, we found the new version to be an improvement over already excellent performance. It is great to see Orc continually investing in their technology to stay ahead of the pack."

Max Colas, Senior Product Manager at Orc Software, notes, "Claims of silver bullets for performance are typical of earlier generations of FIX engines but they fail to deliver outside the labs. As providers of a fourth-generation engine, we empower our users with an advanced toolbox of very specific tools to finely tune the already superior capabilities of our technology. This release is the result of hand in hand work with our clients to address with a round of performance ammunition the real issues they face."

"6.4 delivers on our continuing investment in performance management to serve the global CameronFIX community," comments Joacim Wiklander, VP of Product Management at Orc Software. "With today's greater volatility and greater market movement, clients need to be able to improve their performance in their unique environment and achieve real results to be successful. Orc CameronFIX 6.4 provides the tools required to meet this need."

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