Ameren Energy Marketing live on SunGard Kiodex Real Time

Source: Ameren Energy Marketing

Ameren Energy Marketing (AEM), the non-rate-regulated marketing and trading affiliate of St. Louis-based Ameren Corporation (NYSE: AEE), has implemented SunGard's Kiodex Real Time (formerly ICE Risk), a real-time, integrated trade capture, mark-to-market and risk management solution for commodity trading.

AEM uses Kiodex Real Time, integrated with SunGard's Aligne (formerly Zainet) end-of-day books and records solution, to track intraday positions and profit and loss (P&L), and provide support for traders responsible for executing daily and strategic hedging strategies.

Today's volatile commodity markets require traders and risk managers to have a comprehensive view of their positions, mark-to-market and risk every minute of the day. Kiodex Real Time provides AEM with a real-time feed of exchange-traded and cleared trades to supplement SunGard's Aligne for books and records processing. Kiodex Real Time provides AEM with real-time positions, market prices, risk and P&L which allows AEM's traders to view intraday position, Greeks and P&L exposure in a flexible, intuitive format.

Bill Dulle, manager of portfolio management at Ameren Energy Marketing, said, "With Kiodex Real Time, SunGard is able to provide us with a real-time solution for intraday power and natural gas positions and prices. This helps increase our trading efficiency as we spend less time tracking positions and more time analyzing the market and developing strategies."

Delivered as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Web-based solution, Kiodex Real Time is the former ICE Risk exchange connectivity, valuation and risk solution acquired by SunGard in May 2009. Kiodex Real Time integrates with SunGard's Aligne, a solution that helps energy companies to efficiently manage risk by integrating all of the data from their trading operations, to provide a single view of mark-to-market valuation of positions.

Ben Jackson, chief operating officer of SunGard's Kiodex, said, "By capturing exchange-traded and cleared trades directly from exchanges and providing portfolio valuations and risk using real-time market prices and settlements, Kiodex Real Time helps commodity traders and risk managers optimize their trading performance by allowing them to measure, monitor and mitigate risk throughout the day in real-time."

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