WMS to showcase business process management system

Source: Wealth Management Software

Wealth Management Software plc (WMS) will unveil its groundbreaking new business process management solution at the Wealth Management Forum in Geneva on 7 and 8 December, Stand 7.

LISAR Orchestrate, is a highly intelligent business process design and management software solution comprising three .NET based components occupying a very small footprint.

These are:
  • A Business Process Design and Deployment Tool
  • A Document Composition and Report Designer
  • An Electronic Document Repository

    The business process design and deployment tool enables the user to build and map out infinite numbers of business processes. For example processes such as new money, withdrawals, account suspension and investment model strategy changes can be defined, scheduled, run and controlled.

    The report designer tool has the ability to compile reports by extracting information and data from multiple sources that has been 'built' into a pre-defined business process.

    The third component, the electronic document repository is tightly integrated with the report designer and provides a library for any format of electronically held documentation. Such as environment is imperative for the capture and storage of key documents to facilitate compliance with anti-money laundering procedures.

    Commenting on the abilities of LISA Orchestrate, Paul Foll, WMS Group Sales Director said: "We do not exaggerate when we say that LISA Orchestrate can revolutionise the way in which financial institutions manage their key business processes. One of these areas involves the generation of complex statement production. A current WMS client once had to administer twelve separate systems to extract all the information and data required for each client statement. By utilising LISA Orchestrate, the client simply maps out where the necessary data can be located via the business process design tool and produces those same statements by executing just one process through LISA Orchestrate. Such a process saves time and cost by eliminating the manipulation of so many disparate systems."

    Foll continued: "LISA Orchestrate has unique flexibility and can work alongside any database, any file and will handle data from any source. It also has breathtaking performance and speed and is able to generate 5,000 Adobe Acrobat statements in 40 minutes.

    "Alongside LISA Orchestrate we will also be demonstrating LISA Portfolio Manager at Geneva which now has the added features of Fact Find and Needs Analysis utilising the functionality of our FAIRS Financial Adviser solution."
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