Cogency signs Bailey Coates Asset Management

Source: Cogency Software

Cogency Software, Inc., the provider of Smart Enterprise Solutions for financial services, today announced that London-based Bailey Coates Asset Management has licensed Cogency Alternative Investment from Cogency's UK implementation partner YouDevise Ltd.

Cogency Alternative Investment is the industry's first solution for the aggregation, management and analysis of essential enterprise-wide information of hedge funds, funds-of-funds and their service providers. Bailey Coates will use Cogency Alternative Investment to streamline and enhance front-office operations, providing unique tools for portfolio managers, traders and support staff. In addition, Cogency Alternative Investment will automate many facets of the business operation from start-of-day to end-of-day processing.

"As we continued to grow our assets under management, we looked for a powerful solution that could automate our complex front-office processes, while retaining the flexibility we had achieved using spreadsheets," said Hugh Warrender, head of trading, Bailey Coates Asset Management. "We were delighted when YouDevise introduced us to Cogency's powerful solution, designed specifically for our type of business. Both Cogency and YouDevise clearly understand our short- and long-term objectives and have top-notch track records of success—we view them as strategic partners that will help us harness technology to advance our business."

"We are thrilled to welcome Bailey Coates to our distinguished list of clients and are pleased that they will use such a broad range of the Cogency Alternative Investment functionality, especially that which is designed to serve the demands of the front-office," said Sameer Shalaby, president and CEO, Cogency Software. "With YouDevise, we look forward to helping Bailey Coates continue their trend of leadership and innovation."

Through Cogency Alternative Investment Bailey Coates can accelerate its performance and grow assets under management while ensuring that the firm's operations stay at top speed, accuracy and efficiency. Further, as Bailey Coates grows and diversifies its offering, Cogency will scale to ensure consistent and rapid access to limitless sources of data and alerts, facilitating optimal trading decisions.

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