BPC launches multi-channel support platform

Source: BPC Banking Solutions

BPC Banking Technologies, a recognized provider of e-payment and retail banking solutions, announced the launch of a new software solution - SmartVista Media-extension. The system provides multi channel online customer support via Internet and self-service devices with the use of modern media technologies. The technology is intended for the integration of remote delivery channels - self-service devices, Internet bank systems and Internet shops - with contact-centres and allows the clients to choose from a variety of communication means including video and audio connection and text messages. The solution ensures significant enhancement of retail customer servicing.

SmartVista MediaExtension provides a platform that allows the creation of VoIP services with the use of SIP protocol, which are launched directly in the web-browser and apply Adobe Flash technology. Such a solution is used for the integration of Internet shops, self-service terminals, and Internet banking systems with contact centers, allowing immediate online video and audio connection of customers with representatives of a commercial organisation. Cross platform configuration, scalability, and compatibility with hardware and software of third party vendors makes SmartVista MediaExtension a really universal and flexible solution.
Realised on self service terminals, the service is used for online consulting and technical support of the customers. It is activated by simply clicking the banner on the ATM or kiosk screen or picking up a phone receiver. The solution can be deployed on any self-service terminal converting it to a fully functional mini branch of a bank.
SmartVista MediaExtension may be applied to support the Internet banking users and Internet merchants' clients. The users do not have to install any special software which makes the service especially convenient. The customer connects to the contact center immediately through the Internet browser by a simple click on the banner located in the web site. The time to reach a specialist is optimised as the customer does not connect to the switch board but reaches directly the employee responsible for the services presented on the given Internet page. The communication can be set with the use of either audio or video technology as well as through text messages providing a customer with a freedom of choice for the most convenient way of servicing. Such communication can be initiated by both a customer and a contact centre for example to prevent the fraudulent operations with a card.
SmartVista MediaExtension provides financial organisations wions wit both a customer and a contact centre for example to prevent the fraudulent operations with a card.
""SmartVista MediaExtension provides financial organisations with a new, innovative way of customer interaction, allows the reduction of fraud risks and servicing expenses, and enhances customer support quality thus raising customer loyalty. In comparison to other solutions of the kind available in the market, SmartVista MediaExtension does not require any special software to be installed on the customer's side but uses Flash technologies applied on over 98% of internet enabled PCs in mature markets as well as a wide range of devices", stated Vitaly Vitenko, Account Manager, BPC.
The first bank to implement SmartVista MediaExtension is Sberbank of Russia - the largest Russian bank, paying special attention to the development of its retail business. The bank first demonstrated the new technology to the global financial market at its stand during the St Petersburg Economic International Forum 2009 where the technology was a success and was highly praised by specialists.
"SmartVista MediaExtension will allow Sberbank to raise its customers servicing to a new quality level, providing them with timely consulting and technological support and thus contributing to the popularity of cashless payments and self-service devices with the bank's customers", states Evgeny Kublanovsky, Head of Bank Card Department, Sberbank of Russia.

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