Quantifi optimises analytics and risk software for Intel multi-core technology

Source: Quantifi

Quantifi, a provider of analytics and risk management solutions to the global credit markets, announced today that the firm has optimized its Quantifi software suite for Intel multi-core technology.

This new development enables faster calculations and increased scalability without additional cost by leveraging the power of modern multi-core CPUs.

"We recognize that in today's environment, clients need robust analytics that can work faster, perform better, and scale throughout the firm without dramatically increasing cost," says Rohan Douglas, CEO of Quantifi. "We are leveraging Intel(r) multi-core technology to ensure that we remain ahead of the curve in delivering the premier solution for market participants, built on the most cutting-edge technology available to us today. We are proud to be the first financial software vendor to apply multi-core technology to analytics and risk management."

As the evolving credit markets put new strains on firms' pricing and risk technology, Quantifi enhanced the firm's software suite and the robustness and accuracy of the pricing tools. In order to address the increased computational requirements, the firm optimized its entire suite of solutions to scale over multiple cores on a single workstation or server. By utilizing Intel(r) Threading Building Blocks (Intel(r) TBB), Quantifi was able to speed up calculation time by as much as eight times on a standard desktop PC.

"The movement toward multi-core technology represents the next generation in processing power," says Mark Traudt, CTO of Quantifi. "By incorporating multi-core support into the Quantifi software suite, we are enabling our clients to unlock the full processing capabilities of their computers. We are excited about this new development and remain committed to bringing the latest in technology developments to our clients."

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