Russian futures market announces co-location facilities

Source: RTS

Co-location services for users of the Futures and Options market of the Russian Trading System in Moscow have been introduced as the market continues to attract international users and higher volumes.

The move is designed to offer users premium services and faster access to core execution/trading services. Client servers will be positioned in a specialized, controlled environment facility directly in the RTS Technical Centre.

This features failsafe power supplies, direct access to the RTS local area network, high level technical support and specialist monitoring covering all the trading hours of RTS.

Co-location users will also receive guaranteed bandwidth to the RTS LAN.

Co-location of member servers has been adopted by a number of internationally important exchanges in the last 1-2 years. It provides users with more direct access to the execution platform, greater operational resilience and lower latency. Co-location is particularly useful for large volume, high speed activity such as algo trading.

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