Tibco takes CEP to the cloud with Silver

Source: Tibco

TIBCO Software Inc. (NASDAQ: TIBX) today announced TIBCO Silver™, the industry's first rapid application delivery platform designed specifically for building and deploying cloud applications inside Global 2000 IT environments.

TIBCO Silver is unique because it is the only software delivery platform built from the ground up that allows enterprises to reduce the time required for building and deploying cloud applications from months to minutes. With TIBCO Silver, enterprises can overcome the impediments to widespread enterprise adoption of cloud computing - issues such as availability, security, integration, governance and scalability.

According to an April 2009 Forrester Research report entitled, Inquiry Spotlight: Cloud Computing, Q2 2009 , "Cloud computing represents a significant shift in the way IT operates today and shows no signs of being a passing fad. The efficiency, scalability and cost savings it brings make cloud computing something that businesses must consider, especially with 2009 set to be another slow year for the economy."

TIBCO Silver builds in "self-aware" elasticity. This feature eliminates the need for human intervention to address and resolve when applications should grow or shrink. Instead, TIBCO Silver automatically adjusts to troughs and spikes. Powered by TIBCO's patented Complex Event Processing (CEP) technology, this self-aware capability will save software architects time and resources when they manage and display cloud applications.

The self-aware nature of TIBCO Silver also extends to how it manages Service Level Agreements (SLAs) - an essential requirement inside Global 2000 enterprises. For example, a software architect may need to specify an SLA for the response time of an online order processing application. Because it is self-aware, TIBCO Silver manages the performance of the application and dynamically deploys additional resources to ensure the SLA is met. TIBCO Silver also supports system and compute level SLAs such as CPU and memory usage.

"Our enterprise customers have been intrigued by the possibilities of cloud computing for some time, but the barriers to entry have been numerous," said Matt Quinn, senior vice president of engineering ag aring and technology strategies of TIBCO Software. "With TIBCO Silver, we will be delivering what customers require to make enterprise cloud applications a reality now."

TIBCO Silver provides a platform for cloud application delivery that is:

* Enterprise ready: TIBCO Silver was built from the ground up to support cloud application delivery inside Global 2000 IT environments. TIBCO Silver addresses scalability, availability and governance challenges of cloud computing in an enterprise.
* Self Aware: TIBCO Silver features a "self aware elasticity" an ability to shrink and scale automatically at the platform level. It also allows for various levels of authorization, authentication and encryption policies to be dynamically configured.
* Broad language support: TIBCO Silver will provide a rich set of container support for Java, C++, and Ruby with support for .NET and Spring that allows an architect the flexibility to construct a composite application using services developed in various programming languages and to deploy composite applications with just one click.

PTIBCO Silver will be offered as beta on June 30, 2009

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