VerifySmart signs Crown Mutual

Source: VerifySmart

VerifySmart, a global leader in secure and fraud free payment processing services, is pleased to announce it has signed a 5 year agreement with Crown Mutual Corporation to provide VSC's VerifyGateway and VerifyNGo suite of services.

This agreement will provide Crown Mutual Corp. with a secure and scalable transaction processing platform using VSCs proprietary technology. Under the terms of the agreement, Crown Mutual Corp. will use the VSC solution to reduce fraud and chargeback rates associated with its high risk transaction volume across its customer base. VerifySmart(TM) will receive a per transaction verification fee. The terms of this agreement are applicable for a five year duration, renewable thereafter. Projected revenue is anticipated to be in excess of $5,100,000 US per quarter.

This agreement represents another key milestone in the realization of VSC's strategy to become the leading worldwide authentication provider in securing financial transactions.


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