RTS offers BM&FBOVESPA access

Source: RTS Realtime Systems

RTS Realtime Systems Group, a leading trading solutions provider, announced today that its front-end trading solutions can now be deployed on Latin America's largest futures exchange, BM&FBOVESPA, via the CME Group's Globex platform.

The recently introduced link to BM&FBOVESPA allows traders using any of RTS' front-end trading solutions - including its complex event processing algorithmic trading platform, RTD Tango -- to trade the main derivatives contracts listed on the exchange. Eligible contracts include futures on interest rates, equity indexes, currencies and agricultural contracts ranging from Coffee, Cotton, Corn and Soybeans, to Crystal Sugar, Bonds and Metal contracts.

Said Alex Lamb, member of the RTS Executive Board: "As a premier provider of high-speed, robust connectivity, RTS is very pleased to provide access to BM&FBOVESPA - one of the most liquid and advanced markets worldwide. We are currently assesing the scale of demand to take the next step, the so-called Model 4, within Brazil, knowing that our customers are constantly seeking new liquid markets."

"Global investors can trade a complete and diversified range of Brazilian products and hedge their risks across the two Exchanges. It is global partners such as RTS who will help us gain additional distribution and swiftly establish the platform as a real force outside our home market," said Cicero Augusto Vieira Neto, Chief Operating Officer of the BM&FBOVESPA.

As of June 15, BM&FBOVESPA will offer "Model 4," Direct Market Access (DMA) via co-location for its derivatives market, BM&F. Colocation for the futures market with access to its Global Trading System (GTS) electronic platform will be followed in the third quarter by co-location for the Bovespa equities market segment, with access to the Mega Bolsa electronic platform.

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