Smart Technology Solutions and STJ Retail team on payments system

Source: Smart Technology Solutions

STJ Retail in conjunction with Smart Technology Solutions Limited (STS) is proud to announce the release of a new international retail payments solution.

EFT Plus International is a globally deployable smart card application framework which delivers a variety of application modules including Chip & PIN and contactless payments. EFT Plus International interfaces to over 30 PIN pads and has more than 35 EMVCo certifications. It was built from world leading EMV experience gained while supporting over 120,000 POS devices (70,000 being IBM 4690 Technology installations) across Europe, North America and Asia.

EFT Plus International is a software only solution that was specifically designed for the IBM 4690 operating system. Unlike other solutions currently available in the marketplace, EFT Plus International retains the security and redundancy of the 4690 environment and does not require any hardware modifications or additional wiring. Implementation in this environment requires limited customization and the entire solution can be delivered as a turnkey offering from STJ Retail.

With this new product, 4690 retailers with multinational operations can deploy a single payments solution in order to address the unique EMV requirements of a wide variety of countries. Implementing a common solution across multiple geographies will substantially reduce support fees, maintenance, training and other operational costs associated with retail payments. "EFT Plus International was built upon best practices and lessons learned acquired from numerous certifications and implementations. It is designed to lower total cost of ownership and accelerate speed to market concerns that have been expressed by international retailers", commented Dave Mahr, Senior Director of STJ Retail.

EFT Plus International offers extensive flexibility and scalability while enabling rapid speed to market. Other card types and drivers can be easily added, providing retailers with revolutionary flexibility in terms of devices, applications and payment methods. This flexibility will also allow future requirements for smart cards to be ddelivered without large scale investment or development. Cameron Olsen, Vice President, Business Development, STS stated that "The solution is a combination of collective wisdom, proven processes and unique technologies that provide both interoperability and enhanced security. This solution is designed to address the majority of retail payment concerns related to card fraud, and can be implemented and maintained in a very cost effective manner".

EFT Plus International will enable 4690 retailers to implement a global payments solution using the latest and most secure technologies while laying the foundation for future payments opportunities.

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