Nyse Euronext taps Netezza for market surveillance

Source: Netezza

Netezza Corporation (NYSE: NZ) today announced that long-time customer Nyse Euronext continues to expand its Netezza implementation and leverage the data warehouse appliance for critical and strategic applications.

By implementing the Netezza data warehouse appliance, NYSE Euronext is able to monitor billions of daily trading system events for regulatory compliance and take quick and appropriate action.

NYSE Euronext is the world's most diverse exchange group, offering a broad and growing array of financial products and services in Europe and the United States that include cash equities, futures, options, exchange-traded products, bonds, market data and commercial technology solutions. As trading volumes grow across markets, it is becoming more challenging and more costly to comply with stringent surveillance requirements, including monitoring orders and trades for an entire day. With the Netezza system, NYSE Euronext can now run dozens of complex surveillances during the very small window after market close in order to meet the next day's regulatory reporting and market surveillance requirements.

"We needed to scale our data processing platform without continuing to add complexity or additional processes," said Steve Hirsch, chief data officer, SVP Global Data Services at NYSE Euronext. "The Netezza data warehouse appliance has been a proven and strategic solution for us, and leveraging the built-in scalability of Netezza to handle our massive data volumes and deep analytics simply makes sense."

NYSE Euronext has deployed multiple Netezza data warehouse appliances in multiple locations, which are used to store and analyze more than 400 terabytes of information. The organization also recently migrated data from the NYSE Amex (formerly the American Stock Exchange), which NYSE Euronext acquired in 2008, to its Netezza data warehouse environment. NYSE Euronext initially made the switch to Netezza to keep pace with the growing data volumes and to accommodate data from earlier mergers and acquisitions.

"Organizations across various industries are realizing the value of being able to drill down deeper into their stored data to unlock its true value," said Jim Baum, president and chief executive officer of Netezza. "NYSE Euronext's use of Netezza's data warehouse appliance to meet its surveillance requirements is a great example of how fast, comprehensive data analysis on huge volumes of data can uncover trends and provide insight into trading behaviour that otherwise would have been buried."

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