Mint releases Yahoo! app

Source: Mint, the nation's leading online personal finance service, today released an application for My Yahoo!, the most popular personalized start page with more than 40 million worldwide monthly visitors.* Built on the Yahoo! Application Platform, launched last fall,'s new application lets My Yahoo! users keep an eye on their money and budgets alongside email, instant messaging, weather, sports scores, news streams and other interactive information essential for their day-to-day lives

"At, we believe that knowing where your money goes is the first step to saving and doing more with it," said Aaron Patzer, CEO and founder of "The openness of the Yahoo! platform gave us the opportunity to build a version of our product that lets My Yahoo! users keep an eye on their finances - cash vs. debt, budgets, categorized spending, alerts, and investment performance - all from their personal start page."

The My Yahoo! app shows the user's spending trends, budget and account status in at-a-glance charts using's award-winning graphics. The application does not display actual balances or charges, so My Yahoo! users get the convenience of having important information close at hand, without the worry that a colleague or coffee shop neighbor might see any personal financial information over their shoulder. These details are just a click away; however, as app users can quickly access actual balances, and much more, at the fully-featured website.

"We want as many people as possible to take advantage of's ability to deliver a quick, easy overview of their money - for free. This new application provides this service to all My Yahoo! users. This app joins our dedicated site, our iPhone app and SMS communications - four ways in which makes it simpler for people to integrate financial management into their daily lives," continued Patzer. "We're incredibly excited to see how this app helps us help even more Americans make better financial decisions."'s app for My Yahoo! is the latest in a series of innovations introduced in 2009 to help the more than 1 million people who use to improve their finances. In April, Mint launched a Financial Fitness feature which helps users achieve a more financially fit lifestyle, by rewarding them for completing tasks like checking their credit score or reducing their debt.

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