CanDeal deals $10 billion month

Source: CanDeal

CanDeal, Canada's leader in online debt securities trading, today announced that it achieved record trading volume for the month of November.

Over $10 Billion in debt securities were traded on the CanDeal network, up 43% from the same period last year. Over $130 Billion in fixed income securities have been traded by Institutional Investors on the platform. In November, bond trading accounted for 70% of total trading while money market securities made up the remainder.

The CanDeal trading network allows an Institutional Investor to achieve a higher standard of trade management and compliance through its RFQ trading protocol. It delivers fast execution, detailed audit trails, on-line recordkeeping, and straight-through processing solutions. Increasingly, asset managers, investment counselors, corporate and public pension funds, mutual fund companies, government and corporate treasury desks, and life insurance companies are using CanDeal for debt trading in all market conditions.

"Each day represents a greater acceptance of online fixed income trading," said Jayson Horner, President and CEO of CanDeal. "Increasing volumes and an expanding list of institutional investors participating on our network demonstrate that electronic trading is indeed becoming part of the day-to-day workflow of the Institutional professional."

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