Chicago hedge fund KCM to implement SunGard risk system

Source: SunGard

SunGard's real-time options trading and risk platform, Brass MicroHedge, is now providing pre- and post-trade risk analytics to the Chicago-based hedge fund, KCM Options, which specializes in trading equity and index options. Brass MicroHedge helps KCM's options traders and risk managers examine trade opportunities and run scenario analysis across hundreds of listed options positions.

KCM uses Brass MicroHedge for risk management and modeling, including a new Leisen-Reimer pricing model, intraday decay and separate underlier and option interest rates. Brass MicroHedge's modeling and P&L display abilities will help KCM stay within its acceptable trading limits and help its options traders make better informed trading decisions.

Michael Horn, head trader at KCM, said, "SunGard's Brass MicroHedge assists us in maximizing our options trading profits while keeping an eye on risk. Our traders prefer Brass MicroHedge's front-end for analyzing trading opportunities, and have found MicroHedge's API to be an essential tool in connecting to our proprietary trading tasks. The new analytics features will further help us to strengthen our risk management."

Peter Hauser, president of SunGard's Brass MicroHedge business unit, said, "Our proven solution provides trusted risk numbers to floor-based options traders, as well as risk managers. With the flexibility that comes with Brass MicroHedge, KCM's traders can load unique volatility skews, interest rates and dividends into our application, while exchanging information with their trade databases and execution system. Brass MicroHedge helps firms generate timely information for accurate risk analysis and achieve a holistic view of risk exposures."

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