SunGard fame goes intra-day

Source: SunGard

SunGard has released a new version of its Fame data management solution to provide financial institutions and public sector organizations with the ability to analyze and back-test tick-level pricing data, intraday. Fame 10 provides traders, economists, statisticians, researchers, valuation experts and application developers with the ability to analyze time-oriented data and statistics to help gain insights into risk and trading opportunities.

Firms must cope with increasing amounts of data to help them mitigate risk and identify trading patterns and opportunities. With the growth of algorithmic trading and shorter time horizons for processing data, firms are more compelled to test trading strategies in an intraday environment to help them capture opportunities and extend current trading strategies beyond end of day. SunGard's Fame 10 provides new millisecond and pattern frequencies, combining tick data with historical data, to help firms analyze and predict trends based on prior patterns of events. In addition, Fame's tick-level data can be used for creating valuation models for trading strategies and capturing upside movements throughout the day, and providing user-defined weekly pattern frequencies appropriate to a firm's particular data set.

Gerry Murphy, president of SunGard's brokerage and clearance business, said, "Firms typically use Fame to create valuation models over time using historical and end-of-day content. With Fame 10, tick-level data is added to help firms understand market trends and patterns in order to properly analyze companies and sectors, and position themselves more effectively for new opportunities."

Fame 10 also complements firms' low latency strategies by providing the ability to create models that allow for back-testing, simulation and refinement of trading scenarios, as well as interfacing with real-time trading and feeding risk applications with intraday content.

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