Pipeline powers up algo switching engine

Source: Pipeline Trading Systems

Pipeline Trading Systems LLC announced an upgrade to the high-speed performance of its Algorithm Switching Engine™. The new release gives traders a far greater velocity range and more control over optimizing aggression levels as they drive the execution process to completion -- taking liquidity when they believe the market is right.

"When executing a giant trade, capturing liquidity opportunities often takes precedence over short-term price improvement," said Henri Waelbroeck, Ph.D., Pipeline's director of research. "By combining predictive switching with access to high speed trading across all significant dark pools and displayed markets, the buy-side trader can maximize liquidity capture at specific points on the chart."

Utilizing proprietary predictive switching technology, the Algorithm Switching Engine continuously analyses thousands of real-time market data points and switches amongst 120 premium algorithm strategies to deliver the best execution value. Research has demonstrated that predictive switching improves implementation shortfall results by 30% over the use of a single algorithm throughout the execution of a large order.

In its new release of the Algorithm Switching Engine, Pipeline clients will experience the enhanced performance immediately.

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