Dow Jones launches derivatives markets commentary service

Source: Dow Jones Newswires

Dow Jones Newswires today launched "Dow Jones MarketBeat", a commentary and analysis service focused on the derivatives markets and aimed at hedge funds and trading desks in Europe.

"MarketBeat" looks across asset classes at investment and trading opportunities through the use of derivatives and other advanced financial instruments on a daily and intraday basis. The commentary and analysis provide a unique insight into what the major players in these markets are thinking on key events, and how they are using derivatives to maximise their investment potential. The service also includes extensive technical analysis, providing viewpoints on strategy timing.

The service is produced in London by a newly assembled team of market experts, led by Hugh Taggart, Dow Jones Newswires' regional markets news editor and former commodities trader. Other team members are: Axel Rudolph, chief technical analyst and former bond and derivatives trader; Adrian Smith, a former foreign exchange trader and treasury director; Steve Sedgwick, a former equities and bond derivatives trader; John Coppock, "Beat Watch" author and columnist; Alen Mattich, "Asset Class" author and columnist; and James Grant-Morris, a structured-finance expert. Additional technical analysis is produced by Trading Central, a Paris-based, independent research company that has partnered with Dow Jones Newswires for more than two years.

"Increasingly sophisticated financial markets demand reporting and analysis that keep in step with these changing needs," said Michael Bergmeijer, vice president, international sales and marketing, Dow Jones Newswires. "MarketBeat delivers this by focusing beyond the business of investment in plain-vanilla instruments and by adopting the asset-agnostic approach of hedge funds. The result is truly actionable information for our subscribers on a minute-to-minute basis."

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