Southern Bank rolls out Goldleaf cheque imaging software

Source: Goldleaf Financial Solutions

Goldleaf Financial Solutions (NasdaqGM:GFSI), a provider of integrated technology-based solutions designed to improve the performance of financial institutions, today announced that Waynesboro, Ga.-based Southern Bank has successfully implemented the company's Net.Check imaging solution and branch capture software to reduce operational costs and meet all Check 21 requirements.

Southern Bank operates three full service branches plus one drive-up facility, all of which had an imaging platform in place prior to enlisting Goldleaf. However, the system was not entirely Check 21-compliant, so the bank ultimately switched to Goldleaf, citing its ease of software use, low-cost data conversion and proven financial expertise as contributing factors in the decision.

``We always understood the advantages of imaging and imaging statements, but the full branch capture solution enables the bank to experience an entirely new realm of benefits to our bank,'' said Sean Conner, vice president of operations for Southern Bank. ``When it came down to the final stage of partner selection, Goldleaf offered the best package in terms of industry experience, product design and training support. They also contributed a huge cost-saving to the bank in converting about seven years of old data into the new system, something no other partner would offer -- that way we could avoid having two systems running parallel operations.''

Southern Bank was able to eliminate its use of a reader/sorter and the associated maintenance expenses, as well as reduce its costs in couriering paper from its branch locations to its main facility. Each of its branches is in a 20-mile radius of the headquarters, so this aspect of the Goldleaf installation alone saves substantial dollars each month in courier and fuel costs. The automated platform also eliminates the bank's cost of couriering cash letters to the Fed while improving the management of outgoing and incoming cash letters and returns.

Conner continued, ``The combination of Goldleaf's Net.Check and branch capture solutions allows Southern Bank to significantly improve its operations and once again focus on the needs of our customers. We have benefited with enhanced workflow, as our employees do not have an influx of work at the end of day; we are confident in the abilities of Goldleaf's Data Retention Center to minimize document loss and improve security.''

Lynn Boggs, CEO of Goldleaf Financial Solutions, said, ``Goldleaf's imaging solutions provide Southern Bank the capacity to maximize operational efficiencies, cost savings and customer service. We worked with Southern Bank to increase its profitability in freeing up employees from microfilming and research tasks, enabling them to concentrate on working with customers and provide better service, which is vital in today's competitive banking environment.''

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