Slib chosen as pilot partner for LCH.Clearnet group member access project

Source: Slib

GMA (Group Member Access) is the project leading to the replacement of the current managed access networks with a new Group Managed Network connecting the LCH.Clearnet Group with its members.

This initiative will harmonize and enhance the technical architecture enabling LCH.Clearnet to exchange with its customers. For LCH.Clearnet SA, GMA consists both in replacing the Bourse Connect network and in centralizing, in its data centers, the clearing gateways that have been until now spread in its various members' data centers (CAPI/MAPI). The deployment is planned over 2009.

The expertise of SLIB, its thorough knowledge of the data flows, deep understanding of the various clearing models, as well as the large volumes of clearing transactions streaming through its systems make of SLIB a natural pilot partner for this ambitious project.

As early as June 2009, SLIB customers will benefit from the new architecture and reach the points of access located in LCH.Clearnet SA data centers, via high capacity and secure managed connectivity services based on modern, scalable and robust network technology standards, matching LCH.Clearnet requirements for a global Member connectivity.


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