FX Solutions adds spot silver and gold trading

Source: FX Solutions

FX Solutions, a leading online foreign exchange market maker, announced today the introduction of Spot Silver and Gold trading on its GTS trading platform.

"Gold and silver are essential ingredients in the well balanced trading portfolio and have proven their worth time and again during financial turmoil. This makes spot metals a natural extension of our product line," said Michael R. Cairns, CEO of FX Solutions.

FX Solutions' metals product offers lower minimum trade sizes than many competitors, with the gold minimum at 1 oz. and silver at 100 oz. Leverage is up to 200:1 for gold and 100:1 for silver and both can be traded from existing GTS accounts with no additional downloads or equity deposit required.

Demand for gold and silver trading has risen over the past six months, as these metals have outperformed many asset classes in recent volatile trading. Many analysts believe that precious metals will be in high demand for the foreseeable future, as the global economy continues to experience volatility. Joseph Trevisani, Chief Market Strategist at FX Solutions says, "As a traditional hedge against inflation, gold and silver mesh perfectly with a currency-based portfolio, providing the trader with cyclical and commodity hedges in volatile markets."

The addition of spot metals follows FX Solutions' recent introduction of CFD (Contracts for Difference) trading outside the United States. The CFD product allows trading in eleven global indices and commodities on a leveraged basis without owning the underlying assets.

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