Ladenburg Thalmann signs for Bonaire Revport revenue management platform

Source: Bonaire Software Solutions

Bonaire Software Solutions, a leading provider of Revenue Management Fee Billing and accounting software to investment managers, mutual funds, wealth managers, broker dealers and RIAs, announced that its Revport Revenue Management Fee platform has been selected by New York city based Ladenburg Thalmann Asset Management (LTAM), a subsidiary of Ladenburg Thalmann Financial Services, (LTS).

LTAM's decision provides another key 'win' for Bonaire and further underpins REVPORT(TM)'s evolution from its traditional back-office, fee billing, revenue management, and commission roots. Although continuing to harness REVPORT(TM)'s market-leading fee, commission calculation and collections capability, Ladenburg felt it was Bonaire's robust product extension modules and quantifiable ROI that set it apart from the competition. Bonaire's REVPORT revenue management fee billing accounting software package is a revenue center or "revenue manager" to automate the fee billing process.

Bonaire Software has delivered on LTAM's stated objectives to:

  • Centralize Revenue Management Fee Billing, fee-based revenue, commissions, collections and accounting data within a single, robust repository
  • Automate existing manually-based data consolidation and financial reporting tasks that currently perform Revenue Management fee billing
  • Automate the production of standard audit and control reporting and improve responsiveness to ad-hoc needs
  • Lower operating costs and improve efficiency through the replacement of manually intensive, spreadsheet-based fee and fee rebate processes

"After identifying a need to upgrade from our current revenue management fee vendor and evaluating a number of packages, we felt that the combination of REVPORT(TM)'s ability to be customized and seamlessly connect to our back office, and Bonaire's commitment to working in partnership with Ladenburg provided a compelling reason to proceed," said Philip Blancato, President of Ladenburg Thalmann Asset Management.

Christopher John, CEO at Bonaire, commented, "The team at LTAM was very well prepared for this project. The integration of our applications into their production environments was extremely smooth. LTAM really embraced what our products can do and is now experiencing the operational benefits and efficiency of our solutions."

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