FTEN names Barra's Bryan Lewis VP of sales

Source: FTEN

Financial technology enterprise software provider FTEN, Inc. today announced that Bryan Lewis, a top sales executive at leading risk management technology provider Barra, Inc. has joined FTEN as Vice President of Sales to lead global sales for MultiXchange and Intraday RiskXposure and to contribute to the firm's strategic direction of trading systems development through proactive customer interaction and participation in industry and regulatory forums.

Mr. Lewis served as the head of global sales for Barra, a publicly-owned financial services/risk company that helps portfolio managers, brokers, banks and private investors manage their assets and financial risk.

Mr. Lewis joined Barra in 2000 and was most recently head of global sales, support and education, where he managed over 75 sales professionals in the U.S., Europe and Asia.

He began his career as a municipal bond broker before becoming sales director at Technimetrics, an investor relations firm. He was recruited to Bloomberg in 1989 where he spent 10 years educating and training a domestic sales force and selling equity and fixed income information products. By 1999, Mr. Lewis was managing a 40-member sales team as global sales manager.

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