KBC Securities secures online customers with Vasco

Source: Vasco Data Security International

Vasco Data Security International (Nasdaq: VDSI), a leading software security company specializing in authentication, and KBC Securities, the largest brokerage company in Belgium, announce that KBC Securities is using Digipass 270 to secure its Bolero customers.

The introduction of DIGIPASS for Bolero customers coincides with the launch of the new Bolero website.

Bolero is KBC Securities online platform where individual investors can self-manage their investment portfolio. Bolero provides access to more than 20 markets including most European markets (including CEE), the US and Canadian markets. With Bolero the individual investor disposes of the same tools as professional and institutional investors. The new website includes access to online information, such as analyst reports and advanced search capabilities to assist the investor in taking the right decision.

DIGIPASS 270 is lightweight ultra-portable authentication device which fits into the customer's wallet. The device is activated through a PIN-code. Once the PIN-code is entered onto the DIGIPASS 270, a dynamic password will be generated. This One-Time Password (OTP) will allow to user to access the Bolero website. DIGIPASS 270 is used in conjunction with VASCO's VACMAN authentication technology on the server side.

New Bolero customers will immediately receive their DIGIPASS and access-ID when they open their account. The new website can only be accessed using DIGIPASS protection as a result existing customers will gradually migrate to the new website. Existing customers in Belgium will migrate first, Eastern European countries, including Poland, Hungary, Romania and the Czech Republic will be rolled out in a next phase.

"We chose to work with VASCO to enhance the security of our brokerage service because of the personalization options they offered. We want to promote the Bolero brand name more actively. The DIGIPASS 270 is a good fit for our brand strategy: we are able to differentiate ourselves and personalize the authenticator. Furthermore the DIGIPASS offers high security with a gadget like appearance. It can be stored in the wallet. As a result users can easily carry it anywhere, which responds to their need to be able to quickly respond to the market and buy stock whenever and wherever at the best time," says Luc Aspeslagh, Managing Director at KBC Securities.

"KBC is a longstanding customer of VASCO. We closely work together to offer user-friendly and accessible solutions for online banking. We are happy to see that our collaboration extends beyond retail banking with the launch of the new secure Bolero website," says Jan Valcke, President and COO at VASCO Data Security.

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