Travelex appoints Steve O'Donovan MD, United States

Source: Travelex

In line with Travelex's global leadership in foreign currency exchange and the growing prepaid currency card market, the company has announced that Steve O'Donovan from Travelex's European Outsourcing business will now also serve as the Managing Director for the United States market.

Mr. O'Donovan has been with Travelex for 10 years and has successfully grown the European business which now partners with the majority of financial institutions and retail businesses to provide outsourced travel money. During his time with Travelex he has been responsible for the UK travel money outsourcing business, Cash Passport prepaid cards, foreign exchange ATMs and Dynamic Currency Conversion solutions. Mr. O' Donovan has worked with a wide range of Travelex's UK clients such as: Thomas Cook, Co-op Travelex HSBC, Halifaxbank of Scotland, RBS, Nat West, Barclays, Tesco and Sainsbury's.

Said Mr. O'Donovan, "I think that the products and services, such as our Cash Passport prepaid currency card and foreign currency banknotes, offered in the States, show that we are developing our travel money offerings in bold new directions. I am looking forward to continuing the success we have had so far and also extending our reach and provision of even greater services to our customers."


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