SIX Telekurs forms partnership with AG-Financial Network

Source: SIX Telekurs

AG-Financial Network Ltd (AGFN) and SIX Telekurs have signed an agreement for pursuing a strategy of common expansion in Eastern Europe, Greece, and Cyprus.

The agreement allows AGFN to offer to its existing and potential clients international financial market data drawing from the major products and the unique database of SIX Telekurs.

Mr Alexandros Gouveris, manager of AGFN, states, "The alliance with SIX Telekurs gives AGFN the opportunity not only to expand geographically, but also to approach other customer segments, and enrich the content of our product. We are now in position to offer our customers international stock exchanges, FOREX, commodities and other financial instruments".

For over 14 years AGFN has offered data from the local Greek and Cypriot stock exchanges. However, both after the inclusion of Cyprus in the European Union and the launch of the common platform between Athens Stock Exchange and Cypriot Stock Exchange, financial community needs have changed. "We believe that international financial data is a necessary and indispensable tool for a wide range of companies and organisations, ranging from import/export companies to a dealing room, and even Central Banks. After our expansion in Eastern Europe, the next step for our company is to be able to offer any market timely, accurately as we do since 1995", says Mr Gouveris.

Mr Adriano Bazzi, Head SIX Telekurs Italy/Southern Europe says, "Teaming up with AGFN, which offered the expertise in the Balkan area, was considered an ideal opportunity for expanding our operation in this area. The combination of the local presence and market knowledge of AGFN with our established international product offering represents an interesting and promising constellation for us and the customers in this market". The SIX Telekurs database includes real time prices and securities administration data on more than 5 million instruments from over 850 data sources. "This is one of the major reasons AGFN is happy about this coalition. It gives us the opportunity to satisfy all customer requests." says Mr Gouveris.

Both managers hope to deliver sustainable and innovative solutions to current and future clients as well as market-oriented content and professional support.

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