Washington Business Bank selects ET consumer loan services

Source: ET Financial Services

Today, Washington Business Bank announced the selection of ET Financial Services to provide it with market-leading consumer loan origination and servicing capabilities. The bank expects to open the new system to customers before the year-end.

"Washington Business Bank is dedicated to business banking. We focus on providing the best possible banking experience to our business customers," said Bob Perry, President and Chief Executive Officer of Washington Business Bank. "Our services include recognizing and addressing the need for consumer loans among those who are most important to us: the individual owners, managers, and employees of our business customers. Our selection of ET fills that need superbly. With ET we can profitably offer these important people the consumer loan speed, convenience, pricing and service they expect and deserve.

"We expect to originate a typical loan in less than 10 seconds and to fund it in less than 3 minutes," Mr. Perry added. "We also expect to offer very attractive pricing to each customer, all while making a good return for our shareholders. This is what we mean by 'Experience the Difference' with Washington Business Bank."

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