Warsaw Stock Exchange introduces WebPam for transaction system access

Source: Warsaw Stock Exchange

WebPam is a new software developed by Nyse Euronext Technology and implemented by the Warsaw Stock Exchange which will give investment firms access to the WSE's transaction system via a web browser.

The new service will make the submission and execution of orders by WSE Main List and NewConnect market members both easier and simpler and, most importantly, as secure as using traditional access solutions.

WSE'a new offer is mainly addressed to small investment firms, especially in Central and Eastern Europe, which have not yet used the large potential and wide array of instruments listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange because of the cost of traditional IT solutions.

The WebPAM software responds to the expectations of brokerage houses in the region who reported high cost of development and maintenance of IT infrastructure as a barrier in expanding their direct business on the Polish market. WebPAM gives them completely secure access to the transaction system over the Internet using a web browser. WebPAM is both a complementary solution giving brokerage houses inexpensive access to the WSE markets as well as a universal broker application. The WebPAM application can also be used as an additional back-up solution.

The solution is of special relevance to brokers operating on those markets where the institutional investor base is only now emerging along with a culture of investment on foreign markets by local individual investors.

In response to these expectations, the Warsaw Stock Exchange has developed a new service that will help expand the international base of investment firms which offer products listed on the WSE. This is yet another element of the strategy pursued by the WSE aiming to establish Warsaw as a financial hub for Central and eastern Europe.

In addition, WebPAM software offers the option of additional back-up access to the WARSET system to all brokers interested in the solution.

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