GemStone and Sophis form partnership

Source: GemStone Systems

GemStone Systems, the leading provider of data infrastructure technologies, today announced that it has partnered with Sophis, a leading provider of cross-asset, front-to-back trade and risk management solutions for investment banks, asset managers, hedge funds and insurance companies.

By embedding the GemFire data fabric in its RISQUE (sell-side) and VALUE (buy-side) solutions, Sophis will provide its clients access to GemFire's low-latency, high-throughput and continuous availability features for business-critical data.

Financial professionals working with trading and risk systems require immediate access to data to make the decisions most crucial to their day-to-day operations. For this they need technology solutions that can be counted on to deliver this data reliably in real-time, ensuring that they are making the best possible decisions based on the information at their disposal.

Companies leverage Sophis' solutions to risk manage and process their trading activities with massive amounts of data sourced from specialist providers and derived data calculated in the system. With the GemFire solution embedded in its products, Sophis customers can have access to the market-leading data management functionality inherent in the GemFire software. Consequently, Sophis users will experience significant shortened access times to calculated data and capabilities for faster critical risk measures - in an economic environment where managing risk is of the utmost importance.

"Our customers demand technology that empowers them to manage their portfolios and risks with the highest level of speed, reliability and scalability attainable," said Samer Ballouk, global head of product management and business development, Sophis. "By progressively embedding GemStone's technology in our market-leading solutions, we will ensure that our customers will be able to access an ever broader range of critical calculated data at the speed that business requires, and with the knowledge that the data they're receiving is currently the most accurate and reliable, thanks to distributed data cache technology."

Sophis' RISQUE solution is a comprehensive cross-asset, front-to-back office solution for sell-side institutions, focusii focusing on the evolving needs of leading investment banks and ideally suited to support trading activities in high-volume listed markets and new kinds of exotic derivatives. VALUE is a one-stop shop for hedge funds and asset managers that combines front, risk, middle/back office and data management capabilities across all asset classes, including complex derivatives, in one easily installed and maintained platform.

"By partnering with Sophis, the possibilities for providing an exponential improvement in the timeliness, accuracy and value of calculated data for its extensive customer base are limitless," said Juan Menendez, senior vice president and global head of business development, GemStone. "It lets us deliver our data management technology to some of the most innovative and forward-thinking financial institutions in the world, and allows these institutions to address their most critical data management issues with the speed, reliability
and scalability they require."

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