Aurum Solutions launches single-user cash-to-bank reconciliation system

Source: Aurum Solutions

Aurum Solutions Ltd today announced the launch and initial release of SoloRec, an entry level singleuser system designed specifically for cash-to-bank reconciliations.

As a specialist developer of data matching and reconciliation software, Aurum's flagship GroupIT software is now being implemented across many market sectors to great effect but it was found that some organisations required a rather more simple reconciliation product than the feature rich GroupIT offering. Steve O'Hehir, Aurum's Sales Director, explained "We are delighted that GroupIT has been chosen by so many clients to handle reconciliation for their business. However, we know many other organisations require the same flexibility as GroupIT but on a smaller scale."

Aurum's software team leveraged the existing GroupIT codebase to develop a cut-down version - called SoloRec - whilst keeping many of the features seen in GroupIT, Aurum's software architect, Tony Hales, commented "We understand how important GroupIT's features are to our clients and decided we should re-use as much code as possible. It was paramount to keep features such as GroupIT's innovative user interface along with our drag-and-drop method of defining rules to infer data thus improving automatic reconciliation. SoloRec also contains the ability for people to define their own data loaders from either straight-forward comma-delimited files or directly from database queries or and, as you would expect, easy installation comes as standard."

Competitively priced on a per-account basis, Aurum has also made it easy for prospective users to download and evaluate a working demonstration version from the dedicated SoloRec website ( Orders may also be placed on line at the website enabling clients to be up and running very quickly.

Helen Belcher, Aurum's Managing Director, welcomed the release saying "We look forward to bringing cash-tobank reconciliation up to date in large numbers of organisations who may be using old systems, spreadsheets or even just paper and highlighters. Coupled with our partners, both in the UK and across the world, we believe that SoloRec cements Aurum's position as a competitive, leading data matching and reconciliation software provider working with businesses of all sizes and market sectors."

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