Deutsche Börse Systems reduces network latency with new backbone infrastructure

Source: Deutsche Börse Systems

Deutsche Börse Systems announced today that it has implemented a new dedicated backbone infrastructure to reduce latency for unencrypted Enhanced Transaction Solution connectivity in the Proximity Services data centers.

The new backbone infrastructure combines state of the art network equipment, 10 Gbps (gigabits per second) fibre optic network connectivity and additional gateways.

Earlier this year, latency for the Enhanced Transaction Solution connectivity was already reduced by implementing physical security measures in the Proximity data centers which allowed encryption to be turned off by customer request. This offer was welcomed by the market.

These measures reduce the Eurex Enhanced Transaction Solution network roundtrip time by up to 500 microseconds. This results in a roundtrip time of as little as 1 millisecond for the fastest transactions, including host processing time and network latency from the customer edge router. The new improvements will also have a positive effect on the Xetra Enhanced Transaction Solution to be rolled out in June 2009.

"By offering Proximity Services we have responded to the growing market demand for low latency access to our execution venues and our market data streams", said Michael Kuhn, CIO of Deutsche Börse AG and CEO of Deutsche Börse Systems. "With the further reduction of network latency we have achieved the next milestone of our technology roadmap", Kuhn concluded.

In April 2009, the backbone infrastructure used for the Enhanced Broadcast Solution connectivity in the Proximity data centres was also upgraded successfully.

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