USA Technologies launches ePort SDK

Source: USA Technologies

USA Technologies (NASDAQ: USAT) announced today the availability of ePort SDK, a software version of its ePort cashless transaction technology that includes enhanced security features.

ePort SDK offers all the benefits of the traditional ePort device in a software package. Combined with the Company's ePort Connect Service for payment processing, consumer support and online reporting, the solution provides end-to-end encryption on all credit and debit card transactions.

"Ensuring the security for our customers is a priority at USA Technologies to counter identity theft and credit/debit card fraud," said Ron Fridman, VP of Engineering, USA Technologies. "The e-Port SDK software offers our customers financial security, from the swipe of their card, through the transaction and to the completion of the purchase."

The software-based ePort SDK is designed for applications in which a customer's unattended point of sale solution has computing power 'built in' - overcoming the need for a standard ePort terminal. The ePort SDK software will run on both Linux and Windows based computing platforms.

The ePort SDK enables kiosks and other PC-based unattended retail locations to accept cashless payment. The product is particularly well suited to the kiosk market, where it is already being used by USA Technologies' customers including Merit Entertainment and TeknovationUS. The software is also designed for use with next generation vending machine controllers which are being developed by several vending manufacturers and their component suppliers.

The ePort SDK solution utilizes MagneSafeT state-of-the-art security technology from MagTek Inc. The technology uses a proven industry standard encryption algorithm that delivers the most stringent security available without the need to add decoding equipment. The MagneSafeT encrypts financial card data inside the payment terminal read head at the time of the card swipe, and the data remains encrypted until the data is securely transferred to a payment processor.

"We take our responsibility to protect consumer card data very seriously and are committed to doing everything in our power to protect our customers from card fraud and ID theft," said Mr. Fridman. "The ePort SDK solution meets the industry's highest security standards."

USA Technologies was certified by Visa as a Level One PCI Service Provider earlier this year, and continues its commitment to further strengthen customer security with the introduction of the ePort SDK.

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