Shenzhen Stock Exchange and Xinhua News Agency ink cooperation agreement

Source: Shenzhen Stock Exchange

Shenzhen Stock Exchange signed an overall cooperation agreement with Xinhua News Agency in Shenzhen on 11 May.

Both sides agree to strengthen mutual cooperation in financial news, services, channels, technology and talents. Song Liping, general manager of Shenzhen Stock Exchange, and Yang Chunnan, president of Guangdong Branch of Xinhua News Agency, signed the agreement with witness by Lu Wei, vice-president of Xinhua News Agency, and Chen Dongzheng, president of Shenzhen Stock Exchange.

According to the agreement, Xinhua News Agency will set up a financial information collection site in Shenzhen Stock Exchange. Both sides will establish an open and efficient financial information collection and release system, strengthen deep cooperation in information data and services, and spread information and data of Shenzhen Stock Exchange through the financial information platform and "Xinhua 08" self-developed by Xinhua News Agency.

Both sides agree to found and promote a communication system such as the senior management dialogue and united working team meeting, and cooperate in a brand marketing, market development, information technology and talent exchange.

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