Springbok Services launches virtual pre-paid account

Source: Springbok Services

Springbok Services announced today an all new prepaid card service that enables companies to incent or reward employees and customers on demand.

Springbok EZspend is a virtual prepaid account that enables clients to email prepaid rewards and incentives directly to recipients with none of the delays inherent in card-based accounts.

Springbok EZspend accounts are ideal when instant rewards will enhance the impact of an online marketing program, such as a survey reward or consumer rebate.

Springbok EZspend combines the flexibility of prepaid, the simplicity of online interaction and the powerful impact of personalized messaging to help clients achieve a greater return from their online marketing investment. To support clients' online reward or incentive goals, EZspend programs and accompanying communication materials can be customized with a company's name, colors, graphics and logo. Account holder websites and phone greeting scripts may also be customized to convey a unique message. In addition, account holder websites can be configured to drive online traffic and reward dollars back to a company's website.

"The world is quickly moving toward a paper-free society in which much of our communication and even commercial transactions are handled online," said Sarah Grotta, executive vice president of products and marketing, Springbok Services. "This signals an increase in online marketing promotions and rewards programs. Matching online promotions with instant, online rewards and incentives makes sense. It's a real-time exchange of information for a reward. Instant gratification combined with strong branding and personalized messages can have an extremely positive impact on a client's online promotional efforts."

Reward recipients can use their EZspend dollars to make purchases online or over the phone. Springbok online prepaid accounts offer reliable security features for safe and easy access to funds. Recipients can view their transaction history and manage one or multiple accounts online with one login user profile. Springbok provides 24/7 customer service via integrated voice response (IVR), online interaction and live agents. Account holders are not required to have a checking account and there is no qualification process. No bank or third party will solicit account holders to buy any financial products as a result of having a Springbok EZspend account.

"By combining the flexibility of prepaid with a virtual account, Springbok EZspend allows us to basically hit a button and send cash rewards to our customers instantly," said Angela Montgomery, president, Target Awards. "We opted not to order tangible prepaid cards and saved money on fulfillment costs and because of Springbok's plethora of personalized messaging options, we didn't lose on branding. In fact, Springbok helped us set up an account holder website customized with our corporate logo and unique messages for our EZspend recipients so with our online rewards, we are still able to achieve greater brand recognition among our target audience."

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