OpHedge and RiskMetrics team on investor reporting service for hedge funds

Source: OpHedge Investment Services

OpHedge Investment Services, LLC, a fund operations/administration service provider, today announced it is partnering with RiskMetrics Group, a leading provider of risk management and corporate governance services to the global financial community, to offer risk reporting services to its hedge fund clients.

Through this partnership, OpHedge will make available to its client base free membership to RiskMetrics' HedgePlatform Community for purposes of monthly investor reporting.

RiskMetrics' HedgePlatform Community membership includes free access to an interactive application, RiskManagerTM Investor Reporting, enabling funds to create monthly reports that they may distribute directly to investors. Hedge funds will now be able to conduct monthly investor reporting using the same analytics trusted by the world's largest hedge funds for their own daily internal risk management. In addition, fund managers can choose to provide their portfolios to investors in aggregate reports without revealing position details.

"Our hedge fund clients now have the ability to conduct investor reporting using RiskMetrics, considered a trusted and transparent standard in the industry," said Jeff Li, Chief Information Officer at OpHedge Investment Services. "This partnership adds a critical component to the high quality suite of services that we provide to our hedge fund clients."

"Given the current market environment, investors are demanding risk transparency and hedge funds are making it a priority," said Brian Schmid, Head of RiskMetrics Group's Alternative Investments Business Strategy. "OpHedge provides high quality position data, which is as important as analytics and market data. This partnership brings transparency to all three."

OpHedge is the first fund administrator to partner with RiskMetrics to offer no cost risk management investor reporting services to its clients. Both parties will jointly publish and maintain the list of asset classes covered through the partnership.

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