UIG Group acquires iLumin's Digital Suite division

Source: UIG Group

The UIG Group announced today that it has completed the purchase of the Digital Suite Division from iLumin Software Services inc. of Delaware USA.

As part of the acquisition all contracts from the iLumin Digital Suite Division are being assigned to the UIG Group and UIG Group have acquired iLumin's UK operating company as well as all intellectual property rights associated with the Digital Suite product.

Former Head of iLumin's Digital Suite Division, Gareth Evans, has joined UIG Group as a Managing Partner and the new CEO.

Stephen David Jones, Managing Partner for the UIG Group said, "This is an important acquisition for us as it provides the basis for the launch of our Financial and Care Standards Products."

He added, "Existing UIG customers will benefit from the move as the iLumin products enhance the UIG product range and secure our regulatory and compliance capabilities. In Gareth and his team there is an exciting depth of technical and regulatory expertise which is enhances the Group's value immensely and takes our expansion plans forward."

Gareth Evans, Managing Partner and CEO, said, "This is not only an exciting development for UIG, it is also great for our existing iLumin customers. We believe our existing customer base will also benefit immensely as they now find the iLumin products positioned prominently within a Group that is wholly focused on providing leading edge compliance solutions for secure information capture and sharing."

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